Star Wars: The Unseen Force

Saving the Family

Having hacked the system of a droid heading towards those that had captured Azula and Rax, we tracked it to a camp several hours outside of the city. Along the way we discussed possible reasons why they had kidnapped Qatt’s parents and why they wanted information on all of us. Different opinions were given, such as a hatred of the Republic or curiosity concerning the “go to” Republic team, but no answer could be found until the culprits were found.

Getting closer to the camp, Tox was able to identify tracks that clearly showed that two Wookiees and at least one Cather had been in the area. This put us on high alert as Cathers have a keen sense of smell. It might be possible for them to identify our presence without visible confirmation!

Upon seeing the camp, we sent Tox and Jen to higher ground in order to scout its layout. While they may have been smelt, both have the ability to turn invisible so we deemed the risk feasible. They worked so professionally though that even without the invisibility it would have been difficult to identify them.

Compared to the size of the camp, they noticed that it had very few occupants and managed to identify where Qatt’s parents were being held. However, what surprised Tox the most was the identity of the clear leader at the camp. It was Nodo Pal the known Republic extremist. While he would happily kill any who went against the Republic, we did not believe we had done such and could not understand why he had targeted us.

It was decided that Jix and That would approach the camp to reason with Nodo with Tox and Jen sniping from the high ground. While this was taking place, Qatt and Gryna would try and rescue their parents.

Qatt and Gryna managed to approach the site unseen by swimming underwater in the nearby river. Qatt, skilled as she is, was then easily able to sneak into the camp. Her sister however is not so skilled and made a lot more noise and even fell from a height. If it wasn’t for Qatt’s capabilities, it is likely that Gryna would have been discovered.

Leaving her sister in a well hidden spot, Qatt approached the cage that her parents were being kept in and hacked into the security with ease to release them. Keeping the reunion short, she directed them to Gryna and convinced her to lead them to their previous resting point while she helped the team with Nodo.

By this stage though, negotiations had deteriorated. Nodo had identified the dark force that is almost constantly present in the galaxy. The one that That also regularly senses. However, Nodo accused us as this dark force. He even used Jen as his excuse. Jen’s former life as a slave for the Empire was a close enough connection for Nodo to kill us for conspiring with the enemy! Perhaps due to Nodo’s accusations, Jen was fairly aggressive in the negotiations and was likely the cause of the escalation.

As we readied for the skirmish, Jix on the high ground made too much noise while talking to Qatt over the communicator. As such, Nodo sent one of his droids to investigate. However, the skirmish started before they could be identified.

Jix, unusually wanting to charge in with his lightsabre, decided to jump off the cliff side to join the battle. However, unused to such actions, he misjudged the height and landed poorly- causing a fair amount of damage to himself. The skirmish continued with That, Jen and Jix in close quarter with Tox still sniping from the above. Qatt however did not immediately join in the battle. Instead, she spent her time hacking into the signal that Nodo’s droids were receiving commands from. She successfully removed the majority of them from the battle.

As Nodo was simply misguided and not a true enemy, we had hoped to simply subdue him and convince him of his mistakes. However, while Tox only hoped to injury him from a distance, he misjudged the movements Nodo would make and shot a killing wound through his chest.

Even though Nodo was taken out fairly quickly, the two Wookiees with him were not and before being brought down they managed to badly injury Jix. Jix, panicked by his situation, fled the battle before its climax and hid further in the camp. He used this time in an attempt to heal his wounds. After the battle Jix returned to the scene and kicked the bodies of the dead wookiees; likely trying to redeem some honour.

When the battle was over we did not spend much time searching the camp for any resources or information as we wanted to return to Qatt’s family. However, while returning to the site we planned to meet them, every force-sensitive in the group felt someone extremely dark entering the planet’s atmosphere…


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